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January 13, 2008

Free Casino Game Bonus by Bella Vegas

Filed under: Free Casino Game — admin @ 1:11 pm

Bella Vegas online casino is a member of the Grand Prive Casino Group and they have long been known as a reliable source for online casino gaming in the online casino industry. They use Microgaming software in their casino and they have many of the Microgaming progressive slot machines for use in their software package.

Microgaming progressive slot machines are probably as a group the most popular online slot machines in existence. This is because of a combination of them being the best established online slot machines, the best regarded online slot machines and the slot machines of a progressive and online nature that offer the best payouts. These different things combined have served to bring the Microgaming progressive slot machines up to the category of being the best around of their kind.

Well, this weekend at the Grand Prive Casinos, there is another reason to love Microgaming slot machines because for every progressive jackpot that is won up to a maximum of $50,000 at one of the Grand Prive Casinos, the Bella Vegas Casino will offer a free casino game 20.8% bonus on that jackpot to make it even sweeter. This deal is set to continue until midnight Sunday night in the Eastern Time Zone (5am Monday morning in the GMT areas) and therefore it will be something that people will consider doing again and again in hopes of pulling down a jackpot and getting the sweet bonus that comes along with it.

Jenny Woo, a celebrity spokesperson for the online website, has promised to flash the room at a party if 50 jackpots are reached in the promotion and that has made many people very interested in the results of the experiment even if they are not playing any of the progressive slot machines themselves.

A spokesperson for Grand Prive Casinos, Sonia Bradshaw, has nothing but good things to say about Jenny Woo’s decision to do exactly that. She had this to say: “Naturally we thought it the perfect opportunity to celebrate with something a little bit special, with something a little bit extra!”

The festivities started earlier this weekend and will continue until the end of the weekend, at which point the results will be revealed. If the magic mark of 50 jackpots is reached, then there will be many lining up to get a look at celebrity spokesperson Jenny Woo as she holds up her end of the bargain.


January 9, 2008

VC Online Casinos Newest Sponsorship

Filed under: Online Casinos — Tags: , , — admin @ 3:26 pm

The world of the online casino is very similar to the world of many other industries, whether online or offline. In this world, sponsorship is a way to get a brand name out there for people to see. When a company is able to get their brand name out there to be seen by thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of different people, then they can consider themselves having done a good job.

However, in addition to getting brand name recognition, companies will try to get brand name recognition in a positive setting. This means that the brand recognition not only has to be widely dispersed, but it needs to be associated with someone or something that is seen in a positive sense so that by association the brand name is seen in a positive sense. This is exactly what VC Casino has done with their latest sponsorship push.

Their latest sponsorship push involves the sponsorship of a person named Stephen Maguire. Maguire is a professional snooker player that has slowly been getting recognition through his feats in the different snooker tournaments he has played in. He is seen as the new age of snooker talent as well as the new age of snooker marketing because he is viewed as being one of the youngest and most talented players to ever play the vegas game.

Maguire, originally a native of Scotland, has been on the professional snooker circuit since before the turn of the century. He has multiple titles to his name already and under sponsorship of VC Casino he already has one championship to his name (the Northern Ireland Trophy of 2007).

In total he had already played three online casino tournaments under the sponsorship of VC Casino in 2007, but the deal that the two have reached now will continue until the end of 2008. VC Casino commented very positively on the deal as they feel that it is mutually beneficial not only to the brand name recognition of VC Casino, but also to the financial bottom line of one of the more talented players on the snooker tournament circuit.

It is difficult to say at this time whether or not VC Casino will have more sponsorships to talk about at a later time, but at the current moment VC Casino appears to be focused on their relationship with Maguire. Officials from the online casino refrained from commenting on future sponsorship plans and aside from their relationship with Maguire, officials appear to be keeping everything else relatively close to their chest.

Online Casinos Greeting Cards

Filed under: Online Casinos — Tags: , , — admin @ 3:21 pm

It seems these days as if the online casinos will do anything and everything to appeal to their customers and with the bigger ones like, this might end up being a lot more than just shallow rhetoric. When you take a look at the number of things that does to try and keep their casino players happy and engaged it gets to the point where it is difficult to imagine anything they do surprising the experts of the online casino industry.

With that in mind, perhaps it is a tribute to the ingenuity of the staff at that they have been able to do exactly that with their latest promotions. As part of their newest promotional efforts, has added greeting cards to their list of different promotions that players can partake of. These are not offline greeting cards in the spirit of Hallmark or any of those other greeting card companies, but rather they are online casino greeting cards similar to the cards that you can send from many of the other websites online that do such services.

These greeting cards can be sent for any special occasion whether that occasion happens to be a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, an anniversary, Christmas, or anything else that you can think of and they can be sent by anybody to anybody even if the person that is ultimately going to be receiving the card does not have an active account online at

But the fun does not end there. The person that sends the card will be given an entry into an jackpot in which they have the chance to win a prize of $888 and of course the person that receives the card will get a special bonus offer from should they wish to get involved with an online casino. All in all, appears to be throwing their economic weight around with this promotion and it seems as if players are eagerly ready to respond because cards have been flying all across the internet as online casino players begin to build up their entries for the jackpot.

The cards are free and each card sent guarantees one entry into the pot, so why wouldn’t they try to get as many as possible? is the owner of Casino-on-Net and Pacific Poker, two of the most respectable online gaming properties in existence. They are based out of Gibraltar and have 24-hour customer service for anyone that has problems in sending their greeting cards out to friends.

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